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Break The Cycle Cambodia





Aiming to Raise $200,000 for Children at Risk in Cambodia

  • 3 new Safe Homes for rescued children.  Each home has 10 children and one house mother.  They receive accommodation, food, rehabilitation and education.  The goal of the Safe Haven Centre is to rehabilitate children rescued from human trafficking and orphans and reintegrate them into a family situation wherever possible
    TOTAL NEEDED – $75,000
  • Funding for over 300 vulnerable children to receive an education through the School on the Mat program.  School on a mat takes a tarp and whiteboard into remote communities to educate village children so they can then enter government schools.
    TOTAL NEEDED – $35,000
  • Creating self sufficiency through vocational training and micro-enterprise projects (fish farming, tailoring, chicken farming, motor bike repairs)
    TOTAL NEEDED - $75,000
  • Funding capital for micro loans to provide finance for rescued, trained youth to start their own business in motor bike repairs, tailoring, etc.
    TOTAL NEEDED - $15,000

These funding goals are all part of overall aims and strategies to alleviate extreme poverty and develop the community’s capacity to break te cycle of poverty.


  • raise awareness of the rights of children and the Millennium Development Goals
  • raise funds for Be A HERO to support their partner in Poipet – Cambodian Hope Organization - an organisation working with many networks of people in Cambodia to see the women and children in poverty rescued and belonging to hope-filled communities.

Whilst participants taking part in Break the Cycle Cambodia will be relieved of their suffering at the end of the day, thousands of children in Cambodia are trapped in theirs – orphans, child labour, child trafficking, lack of generational leaders, poverty and the effects of war and civil unrest.

It is our dream to assist the children of Cambodia escape their suffering to reach their God given potential.

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